Auxly Receives Licences to Sell Cannabis Extracts, Edibles and Topicals; Submits New Product Notifications for More Than 80 Cannabis Product SKUs to Health Canada

Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. (TSX.V – XLY) (“Auxly” or the “Company“) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Dosecann Inc. (“Dosecann”) and Kolab Project Inc. (“Kolab”), have received amendments to their respective oil sales licences from Health Canada. These amendments authorize Dosecann and Kolab to sell cannabis extracts, edibles and topical products to the Canadian market.

The Cannabis Regulations require licenced processors to submit a notification to Health Canada of their intent to sell each novel cannabis product in Canada at least 60 calendar days before making such cannabis products available for sale. Auxly, through its subsidiaries, has successfully submitted a total of 83 unique product SKUs to Health Canada for the new derivative product formats that the Company intends to offer for sale beginning in mid-December. New products include vapes, chewables and chocolates, all of which have been formulated, developed and packaged to meet the regulatory requirements set out by Health Canada. These new product formats will be added to the Company’s current product portfolio already authorized for sale, such as oil-based products in, sprayable and capsule formats.

Hugo Alves, CEO of Auxly, commented: “We are delighted with the issuance of the licence amendments to Dosecann and Kolab and the successful submission of the required new product notifications for over 80 unique cannabis product SKUs under three of our cornerstone brands. These amendments and notifications are necessary regulatory milestones that must be achieved by any company wishing to sell derivative cannabis products when the 2.0 market begins later this year. Having successfully achieved these milestones, Auxly is able to launch its portfolio of branded cannabis products as soon as legally permitted by the regulations. This is an important step in executing our route-to-market strategy and introducing Canadian consumers to our incredible products.”

The Company’s initial products will be sold under three of Auxly’s proprietary brands: Dosecann, Kolab and Foray.

Dosecann is a clinical wellness brand built on pillars of quality, efficacy and safety. Backed by science and advanced research and development, Dosecann products are driving today’s innovation and establishing tomorrow’s standards.

Kolab is a platform dedicated to arts, design and culture. Its mission is to provide Canadian cannabis enthusiasts with a carefully curated selection of exceptional cannabis products, while championing high quality, purposeful goods produced in collaboration with culturally-relevant creators.

Foray aims to be an accessible entry point for anybody, at any stage of their cannabis journey. Designed for the curious, Foray aims to both celebrate and educate one’s foray into cannabis, ultimately inviting them to see cannabis differently.


Hugo Alves” CEO

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